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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 9, 2014 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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this is al jazeera: hello. this is the newshour. i am stephen cole. a suicide bomber strikes south of baghdad as iraq's president says war is declared on his country. frantic relatives wait for answers as the search for a missing passenger jet nears the end of a second day. a land of divided loyalties. rallies across the country. the value of a vote in north korea. why is kim jong un making a show
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of democracy? but first, a few hours ago, a bomb exploded at a checkpoint near baghdad. the country's security sunk ever further into chaos. the iraqi prime minister is looking for someone to blame and accused qatar amend saudi arabia. the latest attack was the city of hilla. >> the twisted frame of the security checkpoint is testament to the power of the blast. during rush-hour traffic, the driver of a mini-bus detonated his cargo. the drivers and passengers didn't stand a chance. this is the main entrance into hillah south of baghdad of the
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at least 50 cars were destroyed. one man clearly shocked describes the scene. >> the checkpost was very crowded when the bomb went off. there are so many victims, police officers and other citizens. >> this police officer is going through people's telephone address books looking to go contact relatives and tell them of this attack. violence continues to blight iraq and his prime minister is in no mood to mince words. he blamed the governments of saudi arabia and qatar. he says they are responsible for attacks like this one. he elections are slated for late april. security will be on top of the agenda. iraqis fear attacks like these will only increase. the united nations releases monthly updates on the number of people killed in iraq outside am bar prove incident. the united nations says more than 800 people were killed in
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january and more than 700 in february. there are 9,000 people killed last year, most civilians. >> that's the highest death toll since 2007 when nearly 18,000 people died in violence across iraq. let's bring in joseph ka kay shashan, a senior fellow with the king feisal research center. j joseph, did mr. maliki give any evidence of how qatar and saudi arabia are n his words, declaring war on iraq? >> he did not give any evidence because there is -- there isn't any. i think that the axzation is now stale. it has been given so many times. i think that there is a really internal problem in iraq and mr. malaki, prime minister malaki has an intern problem.
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he is not able to reconcile the differences. at a time is easy to blame other countries. but at the end of the day, really, the killings, as we just reported, have been going on for the past four or five years, non-stop. this is not the work of outsiders. this is the work of insiders. >> how applauplausible is what accusing? is there any good reason for him to make these accusations? >>. >> as an ally of iran and that agenda in the gulf region, that is his motive to go ahead. you asked me about applausibility. anything is plausible really in this part of the world where there are so much -- so many division and tension between different groups. however, i think it is also fair to point on to the fact that the
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anbar province has been unstable not because of any outsiders' involvement but because baghdad has neglected the suni community. perhaps this is a part of the national events of iraq. the shiias were in the minority and now they are ruling as the majority. everything is possible but there is no evidence to suggest to outsiders behind these killings. >> does qatar or saudi arabia fund rebel groups? >> no one knows the answer to that. there is a lot of funding going on. whether it is in iraq, whether it is in syria, both the gulf states, iran and other parties is the funding the only source that leads these kind of
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activities? i think that there are fundamental questions, political differences in inside iraq that have not been resolved after the united states pulled forces out and to point the finger at one country 3 or the other is not going to address any of these internal dilemm as. >> is he pointing the finger because there is nothing being achieved that's stabilizing iraq at the moment? >> well, i mean iraq has made a choice in malaki. it has aligned itself with iran. as we know, there is a fundamental split within the muss let me world between iran on the one hand and saudi arabia and the gulf states. we are gofollowing the sanction that is growing by day and the iraqis have made their choice. they are standing with iran, neglecting their arab identity and the time will come when really, the majority of the iraqi population who are arabs
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will have to voice their opinion at the ballot box and we will see whether mr. malaki will win another election. >> joseph kechichian, many thanks for joining us? >> thank you. >> relatives of the passengers on board a missing jet have been told to get ready for the worst. the boeing 777 accident happened early on saturday. they said military radar indicates the missing jet may have tried to turn back before vanishing. teams looking for the plane have widened their search areas. they have turned up no trace of the plane. 34 aircraft and 40 ships are involved. investigators are checking cctv footage for two passengers who are thought to have boarded the plane with stolen passports. scott hideler joins me from kuala lumpur. i take it the investigation is a twin track investigation at the moment, beginning with the
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theory the plane may have tried to turn back, so, therefore, they are going to widen the search area? >> reporter: absolutely. they have expanded the search area today, steven from 20 nautical miles to 50 and that is partly, yes, because the air force indicated that military radar showed that the plane did change direction and possibly made a u-turn. what's interesting being that is there were no distress calls, no calls for clearance maybe coming back here to kuala lumpur international airport or any other airport to be close if the plane was in distress. there were no indications from the flight deck that they needed any assistance. so that's why there is a big question again. as you have said, they have expanded greatly this area that we are searching. it's going to be a tough go. a lot of nations as you said have joined more than half a dozen nations, thrown navy assets to try and find any evidence, any evidence of where this plane might have gone down.
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there was early indication that there might have been a glimmer of hope with oil slicks discovered by some vietnamese aircraft, but that has not been verified. we had just actually the last press conference within the last hours. they can't verify that those oil slicks were, in fact, from the aircraft, steven. >> those are the accident investigators, but, also, intelligence agencies are investigating now because of the discovery that two of the passengers on board were traveling on stolen passports. >> actually, yes. entinterpol has just released a statement saying that they are very concerned that these two gentlemen who were in their systems, these passports that were reported stolen were in their system, and that system wasn't checked before they got on the flight. they said they are also investigating looking into some other names on the passenger list. didn't go into detail if that was because of the same reasons for these two passports, that
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they were stolen and in their system, but they were very concerned about this. and just how they were allowed on this aircraft, they said is disturbing. they are looking into the other names on the list to make sure that there is nothing out there that was a red flag. the fact that they were able to get on with these passports stolen and we are not talking just last week. one, a year ago and one two years ago. so these have been in the system and been reported quite some time, stephen. >> scott hideler reporting live from kuala lumpur. thanks, scott. most of the passengers on board were from china. their relatives are, of course, waiting anxiously for any news at all from them. from beijing, here is robert mcbride >> reporter: a second day without knowing, a second day of anguish. this hotel has become the coordination center for relatives and friends waiting for any news of their loved ones. many are now being comforted by a team of caregivers assembled by malasia airlines who were also making arrangements to take
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them to kuala lumpur to be closer to the scene of the search. for relatives look i can this woman waiting for news of her niece being here or being there is just asking a onizing. >> translator: i don't know what to do. we are waiting here. even if we go to malasia, they will still make us wait. >> another relative, pun kow chin tried to find news of her brother-in-law. we still don't have information on what's happened, she told us. we have had no final confirmation. malasia airlines has been criticized for a slow response as this emergency has unfold would, a claim the carrier denies. >> when something like this happens, you do not immediately jump to the conclusion that something bad happened. you start investigating all issues. then you start contacting air traffic control, mailed asia, vietnam, china, et cetera, hong kong, looking for any
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opportunity to find the aircraft. >> until they have confirmation otherwise, the airline officially lists the aircraft simply as missing. already, it seems relatives are being prepared for the worst. >> relatives are being turning up all day for briefing sessions with airlines starting at this hotel looking for any news about their loved ones while the whereabouts of the aircraft remain unloan, let alone the cause of its loss, the authorities are taking no chances. the president ordering security be stepped up on all aircraft leaving and entering china. to ukraine now where rival rallies are raising tensions between pro-russian and pro-kiev supporters. thousands have turned out in the city's central square calling for closer relations with moscow. they have viewed the new government in kiev saying it is illegitimate. the prime minister says he will
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go to washington to talk about the shatand-off regarding crim. the vote has been announced as illegitimate and by others. people want economic stability which only the russian federation can provide >> reporter: this is a referendum which has been declared null and void before a ballot has even been cast.
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but there is no doubt that a vote will take place next weekend regardless of the view in brussels or washington, d.c. the chairman of the organizing committee says 1.5 million ballots will be printed within days. there will be 1200 polling stations. but the question of who will pay for all of this remains unanswered. >> all i can say now is that material provision for this referendum will be made in full. democracy is not chief but i don't expect any problem with the financing of the vote. we have a guarantee that everything will be financed in full. all of which leaves loyalists with a program. do they vote or do they abstain and hand a landslide victory to opponents? >> i am not going to vote. it's completely against all of my principles. i don't want my vote to be used against my intentions. >> well, of course, i am a
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citizen of ukraine and no one ever takes my passport from me. >> do we have to vote, or do we have to ignore it? i don't know and i haven't made the decision. >> the referendum ballot will carry two questions. the way it would operate in the practice raises many more questions than that. the people here, pro-kiev are anxious. they are worried. but they are also increasingly defiant. >> reporter: foreign diplomats are urging a deescalation in crimea. next weekend's controversial vote is bringing matters to a head. paul brennan, sevastopol. >> more to come, including celebrations as people in north korea go to the poles. there is only one candidate on the ballot paper. also ahead, we meet the forgotten rebel fighters in the central african republic and in sport, a setback of pars loan a's heights as messi and cole lose to real madrid.
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all of the action coming up later in the program. the libyan government has authorized the use of force to stop a north korea flag tanker from buying rebel oil. they are said to have been loading oil. thet, which is said to be criminal. >> loading oil onto a tanker in one of libya's biggest ports. it should be a sign that the economy is back on track after the war in 2011, but the government in tripoli has threatened to bomb the ship if it leaves port. >> last night a ship called "morning glory" entered libyan waters and docked at sidra. of course, this is a violation of international law. the state of libya has sent a warning to the ship, and the embassy of north korea that the ship is flying their flag and contacted the captain by home but he said an armed group
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jumped on the ship. he called them militia. the tanker will be bombed if it doesn't follow orders when leaving the port. this will be an environmental disaster. he has declared himself prime minister of the eastern region. >> we reample we do not accept any tanker or ship we are dealing with or contracted with. we are not making threats and we do not want to use force but if anyone attacks us, we will be prepared to defend ourselves. >> he says the government has not met demands to share oilwealth, investigate corruption in the region and to grant the region autonomy. >> there are current communications with our people and our people in tripoli and we are waiting for their responses. and the committee that will see the export and sales and in response to a law that would give 50% of oil revenues and 50% of the unity government and 70%
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towards project for the benefit of libya. >> rebels have seized three major ports since august which has caused oil ex ports to drop to a record low costing the country billions of dollars in losses. if successfully, this would be the first sale of oil bypassing the central government. he said he was unsure why orders were not carried out by the military. the government has been locked in power struggles with militia that helped to overthrow moammar gadha gadhafi. western nations worried the country will break apart urged the government and rival faxes to hold talks. threats like this from the government will not help. egyptian authorities have now held three al jazeera english journalists for 71 days in prison. they are accused of having links
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to the terrorist organization and spreading false news. al jazeera rejects the charges. the trial is set to resume on march the 24th. ab ddullah alshami has been detained for more than 6 months. he has been on hunger strike since january 23rdrd. in nor korea are going to polls to vote for new parliament. he elections are held every five years. as stephanie decker reports, these appears appear to be little more than a rubber stamp. >> these can carefully controlled images filmed by agencies under the strict watch of the north korean regime. it is election day and people have little choice. they must vote. >> translator: i just cast a vote of approval for our candidate. i will devote all of my intelligence and strength to strengthen our socialist system centered on the method. >> these are parliamentary elections but only one candidate
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runs for each district. there is no choice. what you can do is vote yes or no for the person who will be your representative. but if you vote no, you need to very publically enter a separate booth, and that is something very few here are willing to risk. >> the last e elections were held in 2009 under the late leader, kim jong il. he received one 00% of the vote and turnout was reportedly 99.98%. these are the first e elections since kim jong un took over. >> we will show the might of the single-hearted unity of our army. people who are formly united. >> these elections are about the regime, used as a census and a check to see who might have escaped and made it across the border. if you don't vote, you will be investigated. they give the outside world a peek as to who is in favor in
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this highly secretive state. they are believed to be hand picked by the party and approved by the man they call their dear leader. stephanie decker, arizona. thousands of people have taken part in anti-nuclear protests in japan in a togethky park to demand an end to nuclear power. it's the latest on in a series that have followed since the fukushima nuclear disaster three years ago. the international committee of the red cross says one of its employees has been killed in the central african republic. it says armed men entered the can a catholic mission where four were based in a lot of ndeli. thousands of people are being killed until fighting between rival militias in the republic. the majority of fighters who received pour in the central african republic last year were muslim but the fighting force also included christians. a group of christian fighters promised they would be integrated into the national army have been abandoned in what
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used to be a presidential pal allegation. tonya page reports. >> in the ruins of a dictator's palace, the remnants of a military training force. their guns aren't real but their commitment s they fought their way to the capitol last year. they are all christians who took part in the coup because they said the former president stole money for them. they were brought here for military training. when selica was ousted, they were abandoned. >> is it possible to train soldiers and forget about them? >> not possible it is never done. a soldier that's trained needs to be part of an army. >> it seems clear after three months, they are on their own. scratching a living out of the bush, without an army or a cause, they are at a loss of what to do besides patrolling the grounds of their base. a palace that belonged to the self-declared emperor.
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christian militia have spared their lives because they hold the save same beliefs. >> most of the commanders who trained these men have withdrawn to the it is probably
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going to be short-lived. through tuesday, much of that rain will be slipping away. certainly here towards iraq and iran could see quite heavy rain here as for the rain system, it
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will have an impact. we have seen on the bottom end of it, quite a bit of cloud pushing in from the west. certainly northern areas could look at significant rain. this could cause flooding as it goes across. you notice we go from monday to tuesday. we will see the temperatures dropping away there for mecca. and here in doha, we should enjoy pleasant conditions we are looking at temperatures of around about 29 degrees. >> richard, thank you. >> fighting in south sudan has forced tens of thousands of people out of their homes. more than three months later, those who escaped the violence are facing a new crisis: soaring food prices. anna kavell is in the capitol >> reporter: since her husband died, feeding her family has been hard, but in december last year, it became harder when fighting in south sudan pushed the price for her family beyond reach. >> since the problem started, food has become very expensive. sometimes, the shops aren't even
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open. life has become very hard. we have to eat less these days because we can't afford to buy enough food. >> south sudan produces very little food. so, it relies on imports. foreign traders were drawn by the promise of the large properties the city once offered. but since december, many of the residents have fled, and a combination of fewer customers and higher prices are making life hard for the traders as well as the consumers. >> translator: before christmas, things were moving very well. i was making good money, enough to support me and my family. but since the conflict started, things are bad. goods are expensive, and there are no customers. life is becoming very hard these days. >> reporter: it used to be a thriving marketplace, so much so the traders came from all over the region to sell their goods here but since the crisis began, many of them have simply closed up their shops and gone home. right now, the government is receiving enough oil revenue to
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function and pay salaries but the rebel forces have made it clear that their goal is to disrupt oil production and if they succeed, it will leave the president with very little income and no significant reserves to rely on. >> if the oil is shut down, there will be more serious problem. it would not be like the first shutdown. at that time, government had some reserve and so forth. and, also, it was focusing on one particular challenge. but here, there are so many challenges. >> for susan, the challenge is finding enough money to feed her family each day. around the country, the story is the same. with half of the population struggling to get enough to eat, 2014 was supposed to be a year of growth. but instead, it's going to be a challenge just to prevent famine. anna cavelle, juba, south sudan. >> you are watching the
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newshour. more to come. on the campaign trail, we will meet the candidates hoping to go win colombia's congressional elections. and we meet the doctors work to go change lives in bangladesh. >> i am daniel lack and caltec. h western alaska as the ididarod enters the final stages of the 1600 kilometer odyssey. i will be reporting on who is leading and who eventually lowi win.
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welcome back. time to remind you of the world's top stories if you are just joining the newshour now. 35 people have been killed in a suicide car bomb attack in hillah after maliki accused qatar and saudi arabia of supporting rebel groups in the country. demonstrations are taking place across ukraine. tensions are high ahead of next sunday's planned referendum. the prime minister is due in washington later this week to talk about the crisis. relatives and the passengers on board of a missing malasia airlines flight have been told to prepare for the worst. investigators say the plane may have turned back. because of that, they have widened their search. 34 aircraft and 40 ships are involved. so the big question: why? why would a plane suddenly disappear?
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it's a mystery to many. there are several methods air traffic control uses to traffic a aircraft but none seem to have worked in this case. one is radio. >> that's when pilots can caulk talk to officers in a control tower on the ground. another is a flow of data relayed by satellite and that means the plane's speed and attitude can, of course, be tracked. but that stopped happening 40 minutes into the flight suggesting a major incidence cut all communication. the maz malaysians said the plane may have turned back. there is data known as black boxes although you can see they are orange and they don't float. they say flight information and record cockpit voices. they have trans ponders activated in a crash and can be found using homing symbols. davis deece is a former investigate or. he said it should be easy to recover once the plane is found.
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>> they don't float. they sink but they have these trans ponders on them that are automatically activated and give a chance of finding them among the water. normally, the devices transmit for maybe a month. something like that. but they can go on for much longer, and it all really depends upon exactly how they are located on the seabed. if they are on aflate area, it's more easy to find them. if it's down a crevice, it is not so widespread. there are a number of incidents where these devices have been recovered over the years. it's a question of towing a receiving device under the water, which will pick up the signal and then, they can home in on where the things are. so, in the past, it's been pretty successful. >> the. eu's foreign policy chief is in tehran, the first visit. they blocked diplomats. earlier she held a news
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conference with zarif. she said it would be difficult to reach a long term nuclear deal with iran. >> i have been engaged in discussions with iran for nearly four years on this issue.
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>> the foreign minister spoke about that. he said an agreement can be reached within the next four months, by that july deadline, that a permanent nuclear agreement but he said there must be no ambiguity in any agreement they come up with. katherine ashton has been largely regarded as the key to getting a temporary nuclear agreement. that was reached fin november. she is here, of course, as a friend of the foreign minister at the invitation of the foreign ministry to talk about these issues but a friendship building exercise. katherine ashton did stress her positivetivity about these bilateral talks but there was no guarantee that any final agreement, permanent agreement can be reached. but both sides seem quite hopeful. a ship israel claims was carrying rockets to fighters in the gaza strip has been unloaded in the port city of allat.
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the army said the cargo included advanced weapons with some surface-to-air rockets. israel accuses iran of being behind the operation. hamas which governors the gaza strip and iran have both denied involvement. 5 million voters in el salvador, most poles predict the former guerilla fighter is set to win the majority. david mercer reports >> reporter: as salvadoran's choose a man to run one of south america's poorest countries, what to do about ever increasing crime and gang violence. former gurlla commander nearly won for the flm party last month but he failed to get a majority of votes forcing a run-off election. sanchez hopes to win on the back of his party's leftist policies.
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he wants to use a social agenda to revive the economy and reduce violent crime. his rival is a former party leader and former mayor norman chitano. he is proposing the military to get gangs off the streets and says private enterprise and foreign investments are needed to revive the economy. what's clear is that it will be difficult for either candidate to push through changes once in. >> translator: whoever wins will face a lot of antagonism in a divided congress. >> will put the nation under a lot of political tension. >> after this election is over, people here on the streets will still be facing the two main issues that affect their daily lives: the ever present threat of violence and how to make a living. >> sunday is election day in columbia where the people are voting for a new congress. it's seen as a referendum on the government's attempts to secure a peace deal with the rebel
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group farq. from bogata. >> the ex-president of colombia is set for a dramatic comeback. he is seeking a senate seat alongside his new party, the democratic centro. it would give him another platform to attack his former ally, current president santos and obstruct his attempts to secure a peace deal with the rebel group, farq. >> thet he is done in government, to what he promised us. we are opposed to the deterioration in security. >> when bovoters select a new congress, they will face a stark choice. one side makes peace a priority. and the others prefers a
9:38 am
military solution to the 50-year-old conflict. >> war and the need for security united colombia but peace is dividing it. it's bringing new tensions to the surface. it created a new policy arizonaization and ribe hopes to game from it. political ads in social networks where he tirelessly attacked his successor for the alleged betrayal for the tough security policies that define his administration. while many consider him a national hero, he has become an indegreesingly polarizing figure. he has been knocked at campaign events. critics accuse him of having links to para military groups and presiding over human rights violations, charges he denies. we will have to see how successful he will be this time. polls show his popularity has fallen. once in the senate, we will have
9:39 am
an opportunity to question him more about his past. he will try to distort the peace protest, but we will be there to defend it. >> the coalition led by president santos is expected to retain a majority in both chambers of congress on sunday. a strong performance by uribe in the senate could have deep repercussions on the ongoing peace process in columbia. al jazeera, bogata. >> afghanistan's vice president has died. he had been suffer from diabetes for years and was in poor health. he was 57 and he had led the northern alliance in battles against the taliban. over 100,000 children in bangladesh are born with cleft pallats. it takes simple surgery to treat them, but bangladesh doesn't have enough trained surgeons to meet the demand. as maha satter reports, some
9:40 am
real working to ease that pressure. >> it's a simple problem, it's easily treated except in bangladesh. >> it's stressful. what will his life be like when he grows up. i showed him to many doctors. none of them were willing to do the surgery. >> then, someone learned about a plastic surgery group that could change the future. there aren't enough in bangladesh and none that they can afford. >> that's why medicines demand bring doctors from france and japan to bangladesh every year. >> people have come from all over the country. they can hardly wait their turn to get registered. missing out could mean they lose their chance for another year. >> the surgeons here treat things like cleft lips and burn victims? >> we had someone when he was three years old, he got burned, and the whole face, and the whole upper body here and so his neck was blocked like this for
9:41 am
18 years. he grew up like that, and the doctors, they -- they free the neck yesterday, and they free one arm. >> this public hospital director says the problem in bang la dish isn't restricted to plastic surgery. there is lack of access to affordable doctors in most fields of medicine. >> translator: there are a lot of doctors in this country, but it is very expensive to go to them. they are all in the big hospitals in major cities. there aren't enough doctors in villages. >> sime is one of the lucky ones. his surgery is successful. al jazeera, bangladesh. to come on al jazeera, including the details of a long running court battle. >> in the west bank, where a palestinian family has managed to stop the israeli separation war in a row over land rights. >> tennis world number 1 had a
9:42 am
scare in california. details of the sport.
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if the reason were security, you would not use the absentee property law. if you are, it's a whole different issue than security. mixing the two issues together raises a serious questions and doubts as to what is really happening here >> reporter: the case has drawn international attention while we were there, the norwegian representative arrived for an update as we were questioned by israeli soldiers. >> it's not the only land dispute the wall has created but this has gone on for 11
9:46 am
families. the ayad family believes the court will accept it is wrong. it could change the line of the wall through the west bank and the lives of the family branded absent who never went away. >> alan fisher, al jazeera, in the west bank. >> time for a look at sport? >> we start with football. defending champions barcelona lost realgations. athletico madrid capitalized on barca's miss fortunately. >> messi was eager to show he was suffering no ill effects as the barcelona side traveled. a win would see them go top with real madrid playing on sun. early signs were good. their opponents went into the game in the relegation zone, having not beaten barca since 2001. however, this isn't the seemingly invincible barcelona of recent years.
9:47 am
their defense anything but solid. they believe italian midfielder rossi making the most of barca's uncertainty. they were 1-up at ha. the new coach tried to introduction a new direct style. it almost paid off at the beginning of the second half. messi denied by the home keeper morino. nevertheless, they did have a great chance to equalize. the home side holding on for a famous win that could scuttle barcelona's chances of a 5th lead title in six years. it was now up to athletico madrid to see if they could take advantage of the slip. they certainly had luck on their side. after the break, two goals in two minutes settling the machl t
9:48 am
davida helped his current team. now leveled with real madrid on 64 points. real hosts lavante on sunday. while athletico, real and barcelona are fighting for the title, the 5th place villa real, it's about champions league qualification. but those hopes were dealt a heavy blow in the late game as they went down 2-nil at granada. until sunday's early game, espanyol had a 3-1 victory. lopez got them up and running two minutes in. they are advantage was doubled midway through the first half and the victory was sealed not a long after the break. it keeps them in the running. real madrid could move three points clear at the top of the table if they can beat lavanti on sunday. munich, on a record 16-game
9:49 am
winning stream. their last league defeat was 49 games ago, a record that stretches back into last season. on the receiving end of a 6-1 hammering, it was one-way traffic, by ron scored five goals in 17 minutes. the europeans looking good for another league title. they now have a 23-point lead at the top. manchester city and sunderland have their eyes on a place in the semi cup fields. hoping to join arsenal who went through on saturday. in the early game, third-ti. r sundayer land scored two goals in three minutes. they lead 2-nil. hull kick off against sunderland shortly. the late match is a repeat of last city's final. city's manager says he is focusing on the game and not on his team's upcoming champion league ties with barcelona. >> no. no.
9:50 am
we are just thinking in the game against wigan. we know it's a tough game. it's not an easy game. they are playing very well. they win all of their last 10 matches. so when we finish on sunday, the fa cup, we will just start thinking around about barcelona. >> serie a leaders juventus have gone 14 points clear at the top after a 1-nil win to fiorentina in the first of eight games on sunday. the late match sees second against third as roma trapped to napoli. sharapova is on her way. in the men's tournament, nadal was given a scare. he had to fight back to beat his opponents in the second-round match. andy murray didn't have it easy either. the 5th seed lost his first bet against lucas russell 6-4 but came back to win the next two
9:51 am
and took his place in round 3. roger feddereer had a much cleaner route through. he is looking for title in indiank indian wells patrick reed will take a 2-shot lead into the world golf championship in florida. the american who is only in his second year on the us pga tour shot at round up by 2. tiger woods' tied for fourth, his round of 66 was his best of the season so far. england face rugby 6 nation holder wales. the last meeting between the two sides, the biggest ever win for the welch winning by 30 points to 3 to steal the championship from their opponents. stewart lancaster says that has motivated the team even more. >> you have a defeat,
9:52 am
motiveation and how you can improve. we lost against new zealand in the autumn series and that was a difficult one to take. france is a difficult one to take. but we bounced back from those defeats and we learned. i think we learned from that game last year. i think we have moved on since then. ol i am pick slalom leader came agonizingly close in sochi. he clipped a pole near the finish line leaving him out of the running. it allowed felix to meet fritz for a german 1-2 finish. while there was four points with one week left of the season. >> the iditarod dog sled race in alaska is in its closing teams as more than 50 teams head across america's largest state. following the rates on the ground and in the air.
9:53 am
they call it the iditarod air force, dozens of pilots carrying food, medical supplies and people to the 23 checkpoints along it's
9:54 am
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also easier today people are making them as a web series?
9:57 am
>> i just met you and this is crazy. but can i borrow $50,000? >> the first season of "my gimpy life" was so popular. sher was able to raise engineer $60,000 online for a second season. she is not giving up on other hollywood roles? >> why can't i play the lawyer or the scientist? why does it have to revolve did disability because in our real life, it's not also about disability and i think that's important for audiences to see, too. >> that is the goal of the festival, showing audiences that people with disabilities have stories to tell and even a character that can't walk can ride off into the sunset of the crist an salumi, al jazeera. >> more to come here on al jazeera. we will be looking at the story. iraq is accusing qatar and saudi arabia on what mr. maliki is
9:58 am
calling war. and more on the missing plane. stay with us.
9:59 am
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>> every sunday night, al jazeera america brings you conversations you won't find anywhere else... >> your'e listening because you wanna see what happen... >> get your damn education... >> talk to al jazeera only on al jazeera america >> oh my... good morning, this is sarkese live from new york city. i am morgan radford with a look at today's top stories. the search for a missing malaysian jet liner continues. so far, there has been no confirmed sign of the boeing 777 carrying 239 people. officials are investigating four passengers who boarded with stolen passports and two who weren't even on the manifest. >> all of the names are with me. i have been communicating with intelligence agencies and spoken to the international intelligence agencies to assist us. and i will be meeting them later this afternoon. >> the f.b.i., sir? >> yes,


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